1. Sue Chalmers says:

    Hi Russell

    Cumberland notified me today that from 1 July 2012 they will be charging 2.75% per foreign currency transaction. Will need to find yet another bank/building soc.!


    Sue (Suenliam on MHFs)

    • Russell says:

      Useful info Sue, how wonder how long the N&P will last?

      • Sue Chalmers says:

        Update on Cumberland BS accounts. The basic internet account will be fee paying (from 1 July), but the one which requires £750 per month paid in will still be “free” for overseas transactions. Seems a careful bit of money management may be required to stay with the BS and upgrade the account.

        Don’t hold your breath on any of them staying fee free in the long term.



        • Russell says:

          Thanks again for the local knowledge. I noted the Metro Bank debit card is also fee free at the present time.

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