What size motorhome and caravan hook up lead do you carry?

There are various lengths of motorhome and caravan hook up lead and these can be bought from camping and accessory shops. The most common size of hook up cable is 25 metres, but sometimes this is not always convenient, for example, when pitched very close to the hook up post. In this scenario, you no doubt end up with a surplus of  motorhome and caravan hook up lead trailing around your pitch but bear in mind that as these cables get warm when carrying an electric load, they should be fully unwound when in use. With this in mind, here is a summary of the types and sizes of motorhome and caravan hook up cable that I have on board.

hook up lead

There are various sizes of hook up leads available.

For general use, a 25 metre long hook up lead will suffice, but I also carry a 15 metre version. This saves “work” unwinding and rewinding the electrical lead when pitched closed to a hook up bollard.

A shorter length of hook up lead

15m electrical leads are less common in the accessory stores but are often available on line – see the link below.

However, an alternative option is to purchase a second 25 metre long motorhome and caravan hook up cable and cut it into three pieces, one of approximately 15 metres, one of 9.5 metres and another really short length.

The 15 metre or 9.5 metre lengths of motorhome and caravan hook up cable may well be used individually thus saving some effort. You may however need to purchase some extra plugs for the end of the cables as shown below.

Plug for connecting to hook up post or plug for connecting the hook up lead to the caravan or better still, buy as a complete pair

Have a read of the reverse polarity pages and note the method of resolving this. After buying a complete pair of plugs and connecting to the short length of hook up lead you will be able to resolve the issue of reversed polarity.






  1. chris ( lucy2) says:

    I carry a 25m armoured SY cable, amd a 5 m sy cable . When we do Le Mans i take a 50m 4mm blue artic cable as my friends from denmark connect into the 440v 3 phase site lighting to supply 240 volt outlet for me.

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