Extractor vent cover

Many motorhomes and caravans are fitted with an extractor fan above the cooker. Whilst this can be very useful in it’s own right, it may come with a slight drawback. During times of very windy weather, cold winds may enter the unit via the extractor fan. Generally speaking, there is no issue, but during our night stop at Dunkerque ferry terminal in November,  in the high winds…..the opposite was true.

Motorhome extractor outlet cover.

The extractor outlet cover will deflect winds away from the motorhome.

I had previously observed an Autotrail motorhome with a deflector, partially covering the extractor fan outlet. Investigations revealed this part was available from Autotrail, although in the end I was able to source one from elsewhere. The cosmetic appearance of the extractor outlet cover might not suit everyone, but I don’t think this is an issue.

The design of the motorhome extractor outlet cover would also allow for an cloth or a couple of carrier bags to be pushed into the cover during really severe weather.



  1. Hi,

    Where did you get the extractor fan cover from please…..just what we are looking for!!



    • Hi – these are fitted as standard (or certainly were) to some Autotrail model motorhomes, so the local Autotrail dealer should be able to assist. It really does make a big difference – and in severe winds, we shove a carrier bag up the vent cover, but remember to remove it when the storm has passed!

      • Dave Harris says:

        Hi Russell, just seen your piece on outlet deflector, Autotrail useless without chassis no etc,
        Where did you source one from?? PS I am not the above Dave…

  2. Bob Nicol says:

    Hi Russell,
    Just come across your item on extractor vent cover. it’s exactly what I’m looking for but I cannot seem to source any. Can you please tell where you got your one?


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